Peugeot Retail Concept at heart of the City of Paris

Peugeot has launched its new concept for a city center point of sale at 39 rue St Didier in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The new Peugeot retail concept immerses visitors and customers in the world of the Lion marque as they discover its history as well as latest developments.

Designed to adapt to new customer needs in city centers in terms of digital experience and proximity, this new concept store from Peugeot also responds to issues of cost optimisation for setting up in a city center.

In an ultra-modern setting with simple and elegant architecture combining glass, wood and concrete, the customer follows an intuitive path to build their automotive project while learning about the Peugeot range using very high quality digital tools.

This new point of sale format is based on three key areas for the visitor: discovering the brand, digital configuration and design of a vehicle before ending with the realisation of the project.

The first stage immediately immerses the visitor in the Peugeot world. They can learn about the history as well as recent developments, particularly through the presence of the brand’s latest model. As they follow the path accompanied by the Peugeot sales representative, the customer refines their automotive project through a complete, immersive and intuitive digital experience where they can learn about the whole range, configure their future vehicle and view it on a giant screen.

The final part allows the customer to save their configuration on a personal account so they can share it with friends or finalise their purchase with the sales representative in a comfortable and confidential environment.

Supporting the brand’s strategy of moving upmarket, this new concept for city center distribution is Peugeot’s response to visitors wanting an overall experience of the brand.

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