Platinum – Iridium Fusion

 iridium-fusion BOSCH Spark Plugs
Description: Spark plugs are vitally important in determining the performance and function of the engine. You can be sure of optimum engine performance and cutting-edge technology with spark plugs from Bosch.Platinum – Iridium Fusion
• Fused platinum and iridium center electrode, sintered into an extended insulator nose
• Revolutionary surface gap firing technology featuring Bosch’s unique four ground electrode
• Four yttirum enhanced ground electrodes
• Longest service life (up to 100,000 km)
• Delivers the most powerful spark for the most efficient combustion and optimum horsepower without increasing the voltage requirement
• Resists spark plug wear and oxidation for ultimate performance life

All Bosch Spark Plugs are available at Bosch outlets and certified agents.

RP: RM 179/set

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