Platinum Plus

 platinum-plus BOSCH Spark Plugs
Description: Spark plugs are vitally important in determining the performance and function of the engine. You can be sure of optimum engine performance and cutting-edge technology with spark plugs from Bosch.Platinum Plus
• Pure platinum centre electrode, uniquely heat fused into extended insulator
• yttrium enhanced tapered and v-profile ground electrode
• Lower ignition voltage requirement
• Reduces fouling, misfiring and optimises fuel economy and acceleration
• For better combustion, quicker starts, smoother acceleration, increased fuel efficiency and 25 % longer performance life
• Reliable starting and a more reliable spark without misfires improves engine protection
All Bosch Spark Plugs are available at Bosch outlets and certified agents.RP: RM 79/setLink to Bosch Platinum Plus page: