Porsche’s “What is Courage?” campaign

Porsche Taiwan has recently launched the new “What is Courage?” campaign, redefining courage in the New Year with Hollywood and Action flicks actress Michelle Yeoh, acclaimed chef and restaurateur André Chiang, and actor and race car driver, Patrick Dempsey.

The campaign celebrates courage as a defining characteristic for celebrities Yeoh, Chiang and Dempsey, as they attribute the successful turning points in their lives and careers to moments of courage. The same spirit of courage is reflected in the latest Panamera, as Porsche takes a bold step in reinventing a segment invented seven years ago with the first generation, to create a business saloon for the race circuit that offers relaxed travel in a sports car with 911 genes.

“What is Courage?” Campaign Stories

The belief that “Courage changes everything” is at the heart of all the stories shared by these change-makers in the “What is Courage?” campaign.

Yeoh said, “I think Porsche has come up with a very interesting campaign and explored how courage changes our lives and why it is important to us. I would like to know what inspires somebody else, what it takes to be brave, to do new things or not to do at all – it is quite inspiring!” She asserted, “You have to live free from fear. You have to be bold. Courage is standing up for yourself. Courage is to chase your dreams, because courage changes everything.”

“Creativity takes courage, because you have to be willing to try something no one else has done. It takes curiosity, a hunger for knowledge and the desire to be the best. You need to have an endless passion for it. Never be afraid of being the first one to do something different.” André Chiang shared, as he told the story about courage that drove him to start his revolutionary dining concept.

He continued, “Porsche’s philosophy completely resonates with me, because designing a car is similar to building a dining experience. Both are exacting disciplines that require incredible textures, a compelling story and the highest level of discipline to achieve the perfect execution. And above all else, the spirit of innovation is imperative.”

The latest generation Porsche Panamera has been reworked both inside and out with true engineering courage to deliver the ultimate sports car among luxury saloons. It brings motor racing technology to the luxury class with dynamic proportions for the exterior, lightning-fast and precise gear shifting (PDK II with 8 speeds), sporty suspension setup, and new powerful turbocharged engines, making it one of the world’s fastest luxury saloons.

The new Panamera also offers the latest Porsche Advanced Cockpit, which has a smartphone-like operating concept with touch function, improved voice control for intuitive interaction, and an easily configurable 12.3-inch touchscreen for customized infotainment.

Edited: Porsche

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