Proton announces Dealership upgrades and dealer incentive scheme

National carmakers Proton recently announced upgrades for four of its major dealerships, as part of their dealers Network upgrade agreement. The four dealerships have upgraded from 3s Centers to 4s Centers. Agreements between Proton and the corresponding dealerships were locked to establish an understanding to upgrade the facilities. The dealership incumbents were Baiduri Auto, Bunga Raya Auto Credit, Setia Gemilang Auto and Vantage Speed.

The National carmaker also disclosed that four dealerships, taking up the initiative to upgrade, now offer one-stop solution for owners. The essential services such as sales offices, aftersales services, sales of parts plus body and paint services are expected from these new 4s dealerships.

In addition, the newly upgraded dealerships get a new look and follows the brand’s corporate identity to the core. The newly upgraded 3S and 4S centers will enable the dealers to serve their customers more efficiently and provide an enhanced experience to customers.

Dealer outlet upgrading, renovation and relocation are in the works to ensure that the new premises befit the new image of the National carmaker, and to prepare the dealers with the upcoming introduction of Proton’s first SUV. The upgrade and enhancement of the outlets are in line with meeting the new guidelines of the brand’s business expansion plan.

“The renovation of our upgraded outlets will most likely be completed by the second quarter of 2018. By then we will have a luxurious showroom which can accommodate 11 display cars, 14 service hoists, 10 body and paint bays, 30 customer parking lots as well as a new lounge area, so that our customers can seat and relax comfortably while waiting and being attended to,” said Andrew Quek of Setia Gemilang.

For Bunga Raya Auto Credit, Lee Chee Hong mentioned that their decision to upgrade from 1S+2S to a-3S center was based on their confidence in PROTON brand. He mentioned, “The decision to upgrade is based on the confidence in the future roadmap and potential of Proton. We strongly believe that the products will be of premium quality with an excellent positioning in the Malaysian automotive market, and our commitment is to deliver excellent customer experience.”

Proton’s Dealer incentive support scheme

In related news, Proton, in its effort to support its dealer network, has opened the opportunity for dealers to invest in their outlets and to upgrade their outlets to 3S and 4S centers via an incentive support scheme. The offer is also open to those who wish to participate in the new dealerships. This scheme is not only competitive but it is also the best scheme available in the local automotive market. The current incentive support scheme offered by Proton to dealers shows a mutual business partnership commitment.

Proton’s 3S and 4S centers is expected to increase marketing initiative for dealerships to further strengthen the brand and build customer confidence.

Proton has announced that more dealership upgrades are on the way in the following year.

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