Proton Is Showing Strong Sales Figure During This Recovery Period

Despite the country is still in recovery mode, the automotive industry is showing positive growth. Currently Perodua and Proton is still heading the sales figure, while Honda and Toyota still manage to be the top non-national brand in the list. Up until July, the country TIV (total industry volume) has been at its peak in 13 months. It shows the people have regained confidence and started buying cars.

Of the top four brands, Proton is the biggest beneficiary during this recovery period. Thanks to a diverse portfolio of affordable cars, Proton captured 63.2 percent of the total sales of cars in the month of July.  This represents 13, 216 units sold in a month; it was Proton’s best month this year and highest ever sales achievement since June 2012.  When compared June and July, Proton recorded 3,593 more cars in July for a percentage spike of 45.7 percent.

When you talk about Proton, their main models that helped push sales up are the X70, Saga, Persona and Exora. These four models enabled Proton to hold a 21.8 percent market share this month, a rise of 6.7% compared to last year. With growth in sales, Proton’s volume gap compared to 2019 has shrunk to just 4.2% (2,000 units down).

The Proton Saga led all models as the top seller with 5,421 units delivered in July, including 1,100 units of the Saga Anniversary Edition. With the above figures, the Saga achieved its highest numbers since April 2014. Next up, the X70 totaling 3,087 units for the month and securing a market share of 25.6%, 4.3% higher than 2019. The Persona and Exora tallied 3,043 units and 792 units for July. Another significant model contributing to the sales chart is the Iriz which totaled 873 units.

The above numbers see Proton achieved its best sales in a span of eight years. This sales surge is also spurred by the local make’s Proton Commerce facility, which offers loans for car buyers. This financing option by Proton saw a take up rate of 100 percent from June to July.

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