Purchasing a new ride: Here’s some tips

Thinking about getting a new ride? Well, you deserve it especially after driving an old junk for more than five years or if you started out with either a Proton or a Perodua. Most would want to upgrade to a better ride for status, job enrichment and generally, to feel especially good. Sure you have your dream car in mind but some have to settle for the next best thing or brand, before they could actually reach for the ultimate choice or close to the dream car. There are plenty of varying factors to consider when purchasing a new ride i.e. budget (first and foremost), Japanese vs Continental, maintenance or after-sales, reviews by so-called auto experts and last but not least, the salesman’s gentle push.






Purchasing a new ride is a life-changing experience, but there are several factors to adhere as one drives the pride and joy away from the dealership.

First thing firsts, check the car proper from the specification list provided. In other words, exterior and interior, and all accessories included. Make sure everything listed on the sheet is available. Start the car, feel the pedals, check the lights (inside and out) and adjust your seats to your desired requirement.

As you drive the car onto the road, firmly press on the brakes, but not too much. A new car cannot be driven too harshly, so take it easy and drive gently, and do not accelerate over 110km/h, even if the urges set in. Oh yeah, no hard braking as well.  By driving gently, without hard acceleration and braking, you are ensuring the tyres, which have yet to set in, would last longer too.  If possible, avoid long runs at constant engine speed for the first 1,000 km or so. Varying the engine speed helps the parts to start working together over the full speed range.

Basically, the target is to reach the first 1,000 km or the first service interval. After the first service, the car is all yours to be driven as hard as you like. The first service assures that the engine oil, coolant and required lubes are clean and free of any anomalies. Your service technician should be able to give you a more precise explanation, right after your 1,000 km service.

Most people are concerned about fuel consumption, but a new car generally shows higher consumption until your first service. Thereafter, possibly after the second or 5,000 km service, the car should show its true fuel consumption ratios.  Consumption should gradually improve as the moving parts wear in, so don’t be too disappointed if your first tankful doesn’t take you as far as you hoped. It is quite normal for gas to increase gradually over several thousand km.

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