Refreshed Suzuki SV650 easy rider

Suzuki-SV650 In 1999, Suzuki released the original SV650. The motorcycle was designed to deliver fun of V-twin sport riding for all riders. The SV650 instantly became a rider’s phenomenon around the world. Not only was this universal motorcycle well-suited for streets but it was right at home on the racetrack too.

It was an extremely light and quick turning motorcycle and throttle response is immediate and strong. But it’s also forgiving and easy to ride. Therefore, any rider can ride with confidence, and anyone can feel the fun of lightweight V-twin Sport on winding roads or racetrack.

In 2003, Suzuki updated the SV650/S with higher performance and more sporty character with fuel injection. Even in today’s V-twin cup of local club racing, the starting grids are still filled with many SV650’s. The SV650 is arguably the best motorcycle for many people.

In 2009, Suzuki introduced SFV650 to meet the growing demands for more fashionable and more reasonable priced middle-class street bike. These lightweight sport roadsters are powered by 90-degree V-twin engine. In today’s 600-700cc class, models from other brands are mostly powered by parallel two or four cylinder engine. The reason why Suzuki SV650’s V-twin engine offers linear power characteristics throughout its rev range is partly due to the slim and lightweight chassis it used.

For 2016, Suzuki revised the SV650 with a clear focus on the above mentioned V-twin character. The new SV 650 has even greater engine performance in addition to exceptional fuel economy in the class, lighter weight and sportier package combined with an affordable price range.

Raising the original “V-twin fun machine” concept even higher with latest Suzuki innovations, the SV650’s newest version has now sets a higher standard for riders looking for a middle-class naked sports.

The Suzuki VanVan 200 is equipped with a single cylinder, 4-stroke air-cooled engine and is built for a good acceleration response. It features fuel injection, intake/exhaust system layouts and transmission tuned for emphasis on low-to-mid range power and street-friendly power characteristics.

Carefully selected gear ratios provide smooth acceleration from each gear with an air-cooled oil cooler stabilizes the engine performance during riding. The VanVan 200 also features an electric starter for easy starting. Its wide and spacious cushioned seat and low 770mm seat height bring further comfort for both rider and passenger.

The suspension uses 33mm-innner-tube telescopic front forks and single-shock absorber rear suspension with 130mm of wheel travel for supple handling performance. Tyre size come with a wide 18-inch 130/80 front tire on an aluminum-rim wheel and extra-wide 14-inch 180/80 rear tire, both with a dynamic, distinctive tread pattern.

Stopping power comes with a front disc brake featuring two-piston caliper and rear drum brake provide strong stopping power. And the VanVan’s slim-shaped tank holds a capacity for 6.5-liter of fuel. For seeing in the dark, the VanVan has a compact round 60/55W headlight and a boldly designed rear combination light.

Suzuki-SV650 line-upSuzuki-SV650 actionSuzuki-SV650 studioSuzuki-SV650 studio_2Suzuki-SV650 studio_3Suzuki-SV650 instrument clusterSuzuki-SV650 rear lightSuzuki-SV650 fuel tankSuzuki-VanVanSuzuki-VanVan sideSuzuki-VanVan engineSuzuki-VanVan meterSuzuki-VanVan logoSuzuki VanVan rear seat

Edited: Philip Chong

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