Renault Morphoz Concept: The Next-Generation EV with Level 3 Autonomous Driving

Renault has announced its newest Electric Concept car, the Morphoz, a fundamentally sound EV in Crossover form with Level 3 Autonomous driving. The Morphoz represents Renault’s vision of personal, shareable electric mobility in the years beyond 2025. As the next evolution of EVs by Renault, the Morphoz embodies elements from current Renault EVs like the ZOE, Twingo Z-E and City K-ZE (China).

The Renault Morphoz concept is deemed not just an exploratory model, but a model which heralds a new family of electric models in the French marque’s range of EVs.

What drives the Morphoz

2020 – Renault MORPHOZ

The Morphoz concept utilizes a new 100% electric modular platform, Renault’s CMF-EV. The platform is based on the CMF-B platform in the Clio and Captur.  

Renault Morphoz is a 100% electric adaptable crossover concept car which charges by induction even as it is being driven. It is connected and equipped with level 3 autonomous driving functions. It shares similarities with the Symbioz, introduced in 2017.

There are two main drive modes City and Travel. City mode meets day-to-day requirements, while Travel version accommodates for long distances.

The morphing Morphoz

2020 – Renault MORPHOZ

With a length of 4.40 or 4.80 meters, a width of 2 m and a height of 1.55 m, the Morphoz concept is a crossover with an Ivory Gold metallic bodywork finish. Inside, Electric Yellow details contrast with the glossy black fills up the passenger compartment. Major highlights of the EV include LivingLights and all the exterior elements such as the front bumper, logo, vents, wheels, rear bumper, flaps, deflectors and more.

2020 – Renault MORPHOZ

LivingLights on the Morphoz has been enlarged to extend along the entire bumper. The EV has a different look in City and Travel mode; a closed radiator grille is fitted, along with reduced air intakes to improve aerodynamics in Travel mode.

2020 – Renault MORPHOZ

In addition, the bonnet has two high-tech vents to cool the vehicle’s main computers, which are clustered around the engine block. There’s a rear-view camera mirror and digital cameras, instead of door mirrors. Other highlights include a backlit badge, 22-inch wheels, side flaps, a unique rear bumper, two air deflectors, slimline rearlights and a brake light on the blade of roof spoiler. For charging purposes, the Morphoz has an induction charging mode. Charging is carried out at a specific location (at home or in a public car park) or whilst driving.

2020 – Renault MORPHOZ

The Morphoz is expandable from City to Travel mode as the vehicle’s bodywork and wheelbase lengthen. Although its primary role is to display the capacity meter of the onboard batteries, its black and yellow finish also makes it stand out from the rest of the bodywork. It is a symbol of the vehicle’s increased range and power. This new design feature will appear on some of the electric vehicles in the Renault range in the future.

What’s inside the Morphoz

2020 – Renault MORPHOZ

The Renault Morphoz presents a cabin fitting for a small starcraft. The driver stares at the innovative retractable LivingScreen panel, along with the futuristic steering and 10.2in screen with surround dashboard (yellow and black lines). The LivingScreen panel can disappear out of sight and re-deploy on manual or auto driving. At the same time, the usual driving mode selector lever has been replaced by four touch buttons (P, R, N and D) at the head of the console to free up space and facilitate the movements of the driver and their passenger.

2020 – Renault MORPHOZ

Seats in the car are made of recycled materials with a swiveling front passenger seat and sliding rear seats. When the Morphoz switches from City to Travel mode, the rear seats automatically move backwards to take advantage of the extra space inside.

At the heart of several shared ecosystems

2020 – Renault MORPHOZ

The Renault Morphoz concept has batteries for powering the car and for use of other vehicles or other equipment such as self-service bicycle charging stations or street lighting.

2020 – Renault MORPHOZ

On board the Renault Morphoz, the driver and passengers enjoy a welcoming, spacious LivingSpace compartment. Comfortably settled in fully individual seats, they are looked after by an AI which uses connectivity to meet their needs, desires and inclinations.

Renault Morphoz Level 3 autonomous driving

2020 – Renault MORPHOZ

The Renault Morphoz concept provides level 3 autonomous driving, Also known as “Eyes off – Hands off”, this level allows the driver to let go of the steering wheel and delegate the driving to the vehicle in certain defined situations on authorized roads, such as on a motorway or in traffic jams. The vehicle can handle the distance from the vehicle in front, staying in lane even on bends, and moving in traffic jams. However, the driver must be able to take back control very quickly (a few seconds) upon request of the system. It may occur in bad weather conditions or in the absence of road markings.

2020 – Renault MORPHOZ

The car’s steering remains insight even when the large instrument panel screen has retracted into the dashboard. With level 3 autonomous driving, the driver is free to move once delegation has been made. By the end of 2020, Renault will offer the Highway and Traffic Jam Companion on 16 different vehicle configurations in Europe, Korea and China.

Renault Morphoz Speciications

Length: 4.40 m (City version) / 4.80 m (Travel version)

Width: 2 m

Height: 1.55 m

Wheelbase: 2.73 m (City version) / 2.93 m (Travel version)

Engine: 1 electric traction engine

Batteries: 40 kWh (City version) / 90 kWh (Travel version)

Power: 100 kW (City version) / 160 kW (Travel version)

Charging: Static and dynamic induction

Drive wheels: Front

On-board connectivity: 5G

Infrastructure connectivity: Wi-Fi G5

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