Renault SYMBIOZ demo: The future is Now

The future is now with recent debut of the Renault SYMBIOZ at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Renault SYMBIOZ is on the cusp of making history. After a demonstration by Renault with the SYMBIOZ demo car, the Concept is expected to set you on a journey to work or for leisure, strapped inside a bullet, that accelerates as fast as a sports car, but quietly allowing you to take your mind off the road ahead.

The demonstration of the SYMBIOZ was held to showcase the first rolling prototype, built to be autonomous from the ground up and to give a more near-term experience to 2023.

The SYMBIOZ demo car road tests provide Renault with the opportunity to demonstrate in real-life conditions a car that is autonomous, electric and connected. The result is a whole new life-on-board experience and as much pleasure while driving as with hands off the steering wheel. In SYMBIOZ, the driver can automate driving and use travel time for other activities.

Renault SYMBIOZ: The future is here

2017 – Démonstrateur SYMBIOZ

2017 – Démonstrateur SYMBIOZ

2017 – Démonstrateur SYMBIOZ







The SYMBIOZ concept car is a new kind of vehicle redefining the concept of space in the cabin. The autonomous functions of the car and the activities they allow on board are the starting point for design considerations.

The innovative exterior design perfectly matches Renault ‘French Design’ styling: it is sensual and warm with fluid lines and a dynamic stance. Accentuated by the ‘Champagne’ body color and pearlescent finish, the car measures 4.92 meters long, 1.92m wide, 1.44m high and is mounted on a wheelbase of 3.07m. Highlights of the demo car include a glazed surface upper section, floating glass roof, a system to adjust opacity of the glass and LED lighting via Multi-SENSE 3.0 system.

To make aerodynamics more effective, the SYMBIOZ is fitted with vertical air intakes in front of the front wheels, extractor vents, side wind deflectors, roof spoiler, relevant sensors, lidar in the headlights and rear bumper and so forth,

2017 – Démonstrateur SYMBIOZ

2017 – Démonstrateur SYMBIOZ

2017 – Démonstrateur SYMBIOZ







In addition, the car’s steeply raked windshield accommodates new interior features such as a horizontal layout and storage areas on the dashboard. The SYMBIOZ demo car boasts a living-room-style cabin with a focus on safety and comfort in the individual seats for each passenger. The front seats offer a degree of modularity never previously seen in a car: the RELAX layout features a ‘zero gravity’ seat position and in LOUNGE layout the front armrests automatically drop down and the seats turn 10 degrees towards the inside.

The rear of the cabin has been designed as an alcove, with a concealed rear window for greater privacy. The inside layout of the SYMBIOZ demo car changes automatically according to the driving mode selected (Classic, Dynamic and AD). Other interior main features are the L-shaped digital display developed by LG, three customizable OLED screens and a large windshield-mounted head-up display.

Renault SYMBIOZ: Connecting the home and the car

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault presented the SYMBIOZ concept car alongside a connected home to allow visitors to experience the way cars may be interacting with the domestic environment in the future. When parked inside the home, the SYMBIOZ concept car showed how cars could play an even more important role in our everyday lives.

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