Rolex-BloodHound is vying for Land Speed Record feat in 2016

 Rolex BloodHound super speedster Luxury timepiece makers Rolex is affirmed as Timing Partners for the BloodHound Land Speed Record feat in 2016. The BloodHound project has started since 2011, with Rolex as the project’s Official Timing Partner.

The Rolex-BloodHound landmark project aims to break the current World Land Speed Record of 1,227.92 km/h (763 miles per hour) in 2015 and, furthermore, to set a new World Land Speed Record of 1,609.34 km/h (1,000 miles per hour) in South Africa in 2016, inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

In April 2014, Rolex combined world-class technology with its exacting standards of precision and reliability to exclusively develop and manufacture two bespoke instruments for BloodHound SSC, an analogue speedometer and chronograph, which are now installed in the cockpit of the supersonic car. Building on Rolex’s legendary reliability, their highly accurate analogue dials will sit either side of BloodHound SSC’s driver Andy Green’s hands on the left and right of the dashboard, providing a necessary visual reference and fail-safe back-up for some of the on-screen readouts during critical moments in the record attempts: assisting precision braking from 1,609 km/h on the 20-kilometer track and timekeeping operations to monitor various systems such as the jet engine and hybrid rocket.

In October, BloodHound engineers trial installed the one-ton Eurofighter Typhoon turbofan jet engine (EJ200) in the upper part of the car’s structure. The rocket testing was carried out in Norway in November and most recently the team visited the Hakskeen Pan to test the desert communications infrastructure using a fast jet to simulate the speed of BloodHound SSC. Twenty thousand tons of stones have now been removed from the desert to ensure the ‘track’ is in perfect condition ahead of the record attempts in 2015.

Apart from the land speed record feat, the project aims to inspire future generations to choose careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through a variety of programs and philanthropic activities, Rolex is actively engaged in several initiatives that have a broader educational scope or are directly related to sharing and transmitting knowledge, encourage the spirit of enterprise and contribute to the common good.

BloodHound SSC will be fully assembled by mid-2015 and will then begin testing in the UK before it travels to South Africa for its first World Land Speed Record attempt in the late summer of 2015.

Edited; Rolex

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