Slight uptrend in 2015’s Total Industry Volume; Perodua and Honda are Biggest Gainers

2015 Honda CR-V unveiling has managed to retrieve unofficial TIV (Total Industry Volume) for the previous year. The unofficial TIV figures included a breakdown of top domestic and non-domestic marques in the country.

Compared to 2014, the previous year had its ups and downs in the entire automotive industry but TIV surprisingly improved overall courtesy of final months sales push by major marques. The previous year’s TIV was 666,465 and 2015 showed an overall 666,734; a minor uptrend contributed by top marques in the country. Based on the unofficial figures, Perodua and Honda are the biggest gainers last year at 213,483 (195,579 in 2014) and 94,681 units (77,495 in 2014) respectively, while Proton and Toyota had downtrend figures of 102,154 (115,783) and 94,290 (102,035) units. Honda was easily the most improved marque with a staggering 22 percent improvement, year-on-year; while Proton dropped 12 percent compared to 2014’s total sales.

Perodua had a record year last year and managed to maintain its leading position in overall sales for another year. With the best ever sales record, Perodua even managed to exceed its 2015 sales target of 208,000 units. The record was spurred by the brand’s top three variants, namely the MyVi, Axia and Alza.

2015 Perodua Axia launch

The ever popular Myvi, which went with a facelift in 2015, contributed very decent percentage to the overall sales, while the little Axia retained a close proximity to its more popular sibling. Perodua’s compact MPV, the Alza, probably contributed 20 percent to the overall sales figures, having been accorded an update late last year.

Honda, obviously, had a year to remember as they, for the first time, overcame bitter rivals Toyota in the non-national segment. 2015’s sales achievement had been Honda Malaysia’s highest since 2002, thanks to positive demands for its current line-ups, namely the Honda City, one of the best-selling compact variants in the country, the HR-V compact Crossover and the Honda Jazz. The three best selling Honda variants easily averaged approximately 70 percent or higher of the marque’s overall sales figures.

Other major marques like Mitsubishi, Ford, Kia and Suzuki all had drastic decrease in their overall sales numbers. Mitsubishi had a 23 percent decrease, from 14,322 to 11,067 units; making the Trident marque one of the major losers of the year. The other major loser was Kia, with a 53 percent deficit; dropping from 9,926 units to 4,659 units.

Non-domestic marques such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mazda and etc. made up 131,131 units in total, which represented a 1 percent drop, compared to 2014’s 133,029 units.

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