Sony dishes out new Hi-Res Car Audio portfolio

Sony Hi-Res in-car Audio_3 Just when you thought Aftermarket Car Audio offerings are done and dusted, Sony Malaysia last week dished out their latest High-Resolution in-car portfolio for the domestic market.

The company is urging car audio enthusiasts to indulge in the purest in-car audio experience with the latest High-Resolution Audio products.These products were recently unveiled at IFA 2015, where Sony went a step ahead to prove that its Hi-Res Audio is a true standard for acoustic luxury in all listening environments. For a truly formidable car audio set up, Sony has launched its new in-car product line-up that includes the powerful RSX-GS9 head unit for music upscaling, the XM-GS4 High-Resolution Audio Amplifer to amp up the music, and the XS-GS1 Hi-Res Audio Super Tweeters that are built to reproduce a wide range of audio frequencies, so you can get more enjoyment from your music.

To really get the best out of the Hi-Res Audio, Sony focused its design and manufacturing to exclusively include components that create the best sound reproduction, while minimizing electro-magnetic noise and vibration. It is this marriage between High-Res Audio and attention to detail that make this in-car audio system a true work of art.

The in-car digital media player brings to you the most premium driving experience yet. This is most obvious in the RSX-GS9’s internal design which facilitates the unit’s ability to reproduce the most breath-taking soundstages. The high-end components – from the operational amplifiers to the clock generator – have been put together to maximise sound clarity and quality, while minimising negative impacts from the harsh vibration experienced in a typical in-car setting.

Sony has incorporated the ES9018S, the world’s highest performance 32-bit audio D/A converter by ESS Technology, Inc. The D/A converter translates your music files to analogue signals in an impressive dynamic range of up to 135dB and THD+N (Total harmonic distortion and noise) of -120dB to deliver a clarity and presence that can only be rivalled by live performances in concert halls or recording studios.

Sony’s RSX-GS9 in-car digital media player has a premium design and finish. The digital media players’ clean, single-shell front panel design is made from machine-cut, hairline-finished 14mm aluminum. This is complemented by an easily visible OLED display, backlit selection keys and a large aluminum-trimmed volume dial that fits seamlessly in the middle on the panel.

Advanced connectivity features such as LDAC supported Bluetooth/NFC in connection with Sony’s SongPal App, two USB (Type A) slots and a USB micro-B (USB DAC) ensure that you can play your music from a variety of media storage, including smartphones, USB flash drives, and MP3 players. The SongPal App can be downloaded from Google’s Marketplace as well as Apple’s App Store.

Sony’s new XM-GS4 4-channel amplifier is another key component for the ideal Hi-Res sound reproduction as it transforms low-power audio signals into gigantic sonic waves that let you dive into your musical pleasures. With its incredibly wide frequency response from 10Hz all the way up to 100KHz it consistently delivers powerful, voluminous tones that can be further adjusted to your liking thanks to variable low pass / high pass filters that allow for easy optimisation of cross-over frequencies to perfectly match your system configurations.

The XM-GS4 Stereo Amplifier delivers a tremendous 700W of audio power and wide frequency response to send your car audio system into overdrive, while delivering music reproduction with impeccable precision.

No audio system is complete without speakers that bring your music to life. When it comes to ultra-high frequency sound, Sony’s premium XS-GS1 25mm soft dome super tweeter is the ideal addition to realize the Hi-Res Audio experience in your car, as they easily cope with superior frequency ranges reaching 50kHz.

While these high frequency sounds have a very narrow transmission field, the XS-GS1 focuses on maximising their dispersion throughout the entire car, so you can revel in full Hi-Res Audio glory whether you are at the wheel or in the passenger seat. In terms of design, wide-open grill nets and the smoothly sloped front baffles maximise the speaker’s sound radiation properties.

In addition, the XS-GS1’s can be installed to face the windshield rather than the listener, thereby increasing the dispersion and quality of high pitched notes to smoothly deliver those charming, delicate highs that accentuate a harmonic, soulful sound.

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Compiled: Philip

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