Stamp your mark with Lotus Exclusive

 Lotus Exclusive customization program Letting Lotus owners set the tone, the customization program from Lotus – the Lotus Exclusive – offers compact sports car enthusiasts a unique ownership proposition. Combining traditional British craftsmanship with modern design and exhilarating performance, the program allows a comprehensive array of personalization; from color coding to a ‘bona fide’ race car development.

Developed by the Lotus Design team, the Lotus Exclusive scheme has been conceived to inspire customers to further personalize the character of their Lotus cars. With the ability to tailor vehicles to their personal taste, it provides an alluring alternative to an off-the-peg sports car.

In the past, Lotus have created a number of cars personalized to the specific requests of its individual customers. These compact sports cars were produced by a team of skilled craftsmen and women, using their expertise to create something exceptional and unique for the customer. Now all of the company’s customers will be offered this service, to create their own personalized car through Lotus Exclusive.

Existing Lotus owners, as well as new car customers, can take advantage of Lotus Exclusive during the ordering process at their local Lotus dealership. Examples of what can be ordered will be on hand, providing inspiration and highlighting the areas of the car that can be personalized. Each customer’s requirements from minor details, for a subtle personal touch, to extensive customization are then reviewed by the Lotus dealer and developed in conjunction with the Exclusive team at Lotus headquarters.

Key areas where Lotus Exclusive can provide customization: Lotus Exclusive, Body Colors, as the starting point for personalization, Lotus Exclusive offers a range of heritage and race themed body colors to provide a modern finish to all its cars. These colors include Essex Blue, used first on the Essex Commemorative Lotus Esprit Turbo of 1980 and corresponding Lotus F1 cars in 1980 and 1981 and Motorsport Black, which debut on the limited edition Lotus Sport Exige 240R, a car which introduced supercharging to Lotus road cars in 2005.

In addition to the headline colors, Lotus Exclusive provides customers with a color matching service to personalize a body color in matt, gloss, metallic or pearlescent, as well as a vast palette of possible body colors.  If regular body colors ain’t your thing, try the race stripes available. For the interior, the Exclusive offers five suggested leather colors, with four contrasting stitches and more.

Availability of the Lotus Exclusive program is valid for all Lotus cars including the new Lotus 3-Eleven. Lotus Exclusive is available for all Lotus customers in Europe through the Lotus dealerships, with expansion into other regions later in the year.

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Edited: Lotus

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