The Jacked Up Toyota Corolla

In order to enhance Toyota’s global model line-up, Toyota today had a global premiere of their first ever mid-sized 5-seater SUV or C-SUV, the Corolla Cross. The Corolla Cross is built in Thailand and slated for roll out in several countries in the Asian region.

Toyota decided to go with the Corolla Cross due to the fact that the Corolla marquee has been a household name since 1966 in several Southeast Asia countries, including Malaysia. Up to present time, the Corolla has been a regular staple in Toyota’s line-up in mainly Southeast Asia countries. Toyota Malaysia (UMW Toyota Motor) did omit Corolla from its popular C-segment sedan for a while and called it an Altis, but reverted back to the Corolla more recently. In that regard, the Corolla has been the marquee name for decades as it is in line with the needs of the times.

Now, the Corolla marquee has transcended to an SUV to tap on popularity of SUVs in current times. The Corolla Cross, deemed “Corolla Meets SUV”, is the first C-SUV for the masses, particularly Asian markets.

Based on Toyota’s TNGA (GA-C) platform, the Cross offers the advantages of an SUV. The new SUV by Toyota provides the performance, ride and comfort that people come to expect of modern SUVs. The Cross comes with a sleek and sporty design to appeal to its target customers.  At the front, the slim headlights with ‘eyebrow’ DRLs (daytime running lights) capture onlookers immediately. The black mesh grille pairs well with the lower bumper’s flared intakes or fenders, on the outer portions of the bumper. Meantime, the sculpted hood gives the front a more athletic prowess.

A relaxed side view hints at a spacious interior on the new Corolla Cross and underlines the SUV’s status. From the rear, the contrast between the rear fenders and the cabin results in an impressive rearview thanks to an uplifted bumper and slim rearlights. A shark-fin antenna and spoiler complete the SUV’s well-curated rear end. The allocated wheel sizes for the Corolla Cross are available in 17- or 18-inch option. 

Inside, the new Corolla Cross features a comfortable cabin with better-than-usual views and ample headroom and legroom. The boot capacity is 487 liters (without spare tyre) or  440 liters (with a spare). Passengers can expect easy access at any time.

The powertrain fitted in the Corolla Cross is a combination of the 1.8-liter petrol and Supet CVT-i transmission. Output ranges from 98 – 140 PS with torque between 142 to 177 Nm. There’s a Corolla Cross hybrid version as well.  

As an SUV, the Corolla Cross has an elevated driving position which gives the driver a wide field of view. Although bigger than its sedan sibling, the SUV’s turning radius is only 5.2 meters, which is pretty agile for a car this size. 

The new Corolla Cross has an optimized suspension geometry with large, soft bushings and a new torsion beam. And thanks to a lighter body, the SUV provides a sturdier ride for driver and passengers.

For safety features, like all current Toyota models, the Cross is fitted with the Toyota Safety Sense suite. The Toyota Safety Sense comprises Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and more.  The safety equipment listed is meant for the Thai market, other countries’ specs may differ.

Toyota Malaysia (UMW Toyota Motor) is expected to introduce the new Corolla Cross very soon. Pricings and specs will soon be available.

Toyota Corolla Cross Dimensions (Thailand)

Length (mm) 4,460

Width (mm)  1,825

Height (mm) 1,620        

Wheelbase (mm) 2,640

Curb weight (kg) 1,385/1,325


Brake    Ventilated disc front / disk rear

Tyre size 215/60 R17 or 225/50 R18

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