The Practical Sports Car – Mercedes Benz C43 AMG

When people ask me “What car would you like to spend more time with?” the Mercedes Benz C43 AMG will pop into my mind instantly. Personally, the Mercedes C43 left a very strong and lasting impression in my mind as a very powerful, yet practical car. So what makes the C43 so impressive? Continue reading to find out more.

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The current generation of Mercedes Benz C-class, the W205 model, is one of the best looking C-class compared to its predecessors. Mercedes incorporated the golden ratio of the long hood short boot visual effect into the current generation C-class, which reminds the owners that they are driving a sports car rather than a sedan. To make the C43 and stand out from the regular C-class, Mercedes fitted the C43 with biturbo badges, AMG style bumpers, and AMG radiator grille.

As for front and rear lighting, the C43 comes with Multibeam LED headlights, and full LED taillights. The Multibeam LED is made up of multiple individual LED bulb inside the headlight, during start up, these individual headlights will do a startup sequence that is nice to look at. Mercedes also incorporate these individual LED to their high beam by switching off individual LED to avoid blinding other road users, while still providing sufficient lighting on the dark roads. To top it off, the C43 comes with a set of sporty looking rims wrapped with 225/40 R19 tyres for the front and 255/35 R19 tyres for the rears.

Being a sporty variant of the C-class, the interior is not spared with sporty touches. On first glance, the dashboard layout is pretty similar to a regular C-class. Being the face lifted C-class variant, the previous analogue instrument cluster have now made way for a 12.3” digital screen that you can choose between 3 different design to suit your driving style.

Another screen on that has been updated is the 10.25” infotainment screen, and now it comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay which is absent in the pre-facelift C43. Within the infotainment screen, there are plenty of settings for the driver to set up for the car. The infotainment is linked to the premium Burmester sound system that provided good sound quality to everyone inside the car.

Getting into the car, you are greeted by the alcantara and leather mixed sports seat. The sporty seats provide good support like side bolstering to keep the driver in place. Even though it’s a sport seats, the seats are actually very comfortable to be in when driving long distance. The driving experience is also further enhanced by the sporty thick rim steering wheel. The steering wheel comes with a red 12 o’clock marking, and the steering wheel that is slightly squared off to give you the sense that you’re driving something special.

At the back, the rear seats also come with the same alcantara and leather mixed seats. Being at the back, the headroom and legroom are sufficient, but 180cm and above passengers be a little lacking in the legroom department. The rear seats can also be folded to increase the 480L boot space to load longer items. Lowering the rear seats also enhanced the exhaust note coming into the cabin while you’re in sport mode.

On the safety front, there are the regular 7 airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Dirstribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Active Parking Assist, Active Brake Assist, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, 2 ISOFIX at the rear seats, and Blind Spot Assist. The Blind Spot Assist will warn the driver or front passenger that there are oncoming cars when they wanted to open the door by beeping and blinking a portion of the LED ambient light on the door panel.

Driving is probably the most exciting part about the Mercedes Benz C43 AMG. The C43 AMG comes with the robust 3L V6 engine that have seen action in the previous S-class and many large Mercedes models, but now it’s finally turbocharged. This powertrain is mated to a 9 speed automatic transmission that delivers the power to the road via an all-wheel drive system.

The twin-turbocharged V6 engine in the C43 produces a healthy 390bhp at 6,100rpm and 520Nm at 2,500rpm. These impressive figures translated to an explosive burst of acceleration when you step on the throttle. Even though the engine can provide you with plenty of performance when you need it, but if you want to just cruise around, the engine can cruise in a relax manner while returning a better fuel economy than some smaller capacity turbocharged car that we tested recently.

While on the go, the gearbox is very smooth shifting. If you’re driving it slow in comfort mode, everything is fine, but when driven in sport mode, the gear change tends to be a little jerky (felt like an Automated Manual Transmission).The all-wheel drive system gives the car plenty of grip when powering out of the corner. With this sense of security, there is the possibility for driver to drive above their own limit, and may cause unwanted accident if they push the car above the car’s limit.

In order to accommodate the additional power, AMG do upgrade the front and rear multilink suspension to help the car in the corners. The suspension is on the firm side, but it is necessary for the car to corner at higher speeds. The electric power steering works in tandem with the suspension by providing plenty of steering feedback, which means you can feel how much grip you have with your steering wheel.

To bring this fast car to a stop, the 4 wheel disc brakes has now been updated to a 4 pot slotted disc brakes. These upgrades do provide plenty of confidence in the braking performance for the driver to brake during hard driving. The C43 is a decent cruiser when you’re driving gently, as there are not many exterior noises creeping into the cabin. When in the mood, I do hope that the exhaust will be louder to enhance the driving pleasure.

After driving the C43, I was instantly struck by how this car is the car that I really wanted in my life. I enjoy the fact that the car has plenty of sporty touches with the performance to boot, but when you want to drive sensibly around, the car will not break your bank by consuming too much fuel. On top of that, practicality is not forgotten for those who wanted to use the car daily. Priced at RM 421,888, the C43 do come with 4 years unlimited mileage warranty. For available colours, you need to head over to your nearest Mercedes Benz dealership to find out.

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