TOC and Toyo Lubrication seal MOU 3-year sponsorship

The Otomotif College (TOC) and Toyo Lubes (Toyo Lubrication Sdn Bhd.) today formalized a memorandum of understanding (MOU) pact to impart the technicality of lubricants into TOC’s syllabus. As part of the MOU, Toyo Lubes would provide a 3-year sponsorship to TOC. The sponsorship had actually began 1 January this year. (click, enlarge)

Having been in the trade since 1997, Toyo Lubes isn’t quite a new entity in the country. Through the years, the lubricants and grease expert has played a pivotal role in shaping a new generation of automotive technicians. Soon, the company turned to the manufacturing of diverse range of lubricants and greases to expand its business horizons. The Toyo Lubes products are certified by the United States-based National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI).

According to Toyo Lubes’ Director Albrert Chin, “There are still many misconceptions about lubricants out there and many consumers and even mechanics do not know the basics of choosing the right lubricant for their cars. We hope to impart the technical expertise that we have developed over the years to TOC trainers and students.”

The three-year sponsorship worth approximately half a million sees Toyo Lubes play a key role in enhancing the knowledge of lubricants among TOC trainers and students by sharing technical information and providing particular input into selected automotive courses. In addition, Toyo Lubes is to provide a complete range of its products such as engine oil, degreaser, coolant, greases, gear oil, and transmission, brake and power steering fluids to be used at TOC’s training workshops. On top of that, Toyo Lubes would throw in new equipment like transparent engine simulator, coolant and brake fluid tester and lubricant bay items such as engine oil flushing machine, oil collector and washing bay just for TOC.

TOC CEO and founder Adelaine Foo commented, “We are delighted to welcome Toyo Lubrication as a partner. As two home-grown brands that have managed to succeed despite the odds, we share a similar vision and values, in particular, a steadfast commitment to quality. TOC has been providing world-class automotive education for a decade now while Toyo Lubrication has been producing top quality, world-class products for the past 18 years.”

TOC actually sends a race team to partake in the Sepang 1000 km endurance and Malaysian Super Series (MSS). Following the adoption of Toyo Lubes products such as the Titanium 8000 15W-40 semi-synthetic motor oil at last year’s 1000km, the TOC Satria Neo R3 managed to secure seventh spot out of 28 contenders in 1K endurance and 7th of 22 cars at Round 1’s MSS, quite recently. The TOC 1000km team failed to finish the Sepang 1000km at previous installments. Aside from the semi-syn, the team also take on Toyo Lubes’ gear oil, joint and wheel bearing greases, brake fluids and coolant.

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