Toyota to showcase Concept-i Series at Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota has announced an outline of the concept car “Toyota Concept-i” series that embodies the future vision of a mobility society through which artificial intelligence (AI) enables cars to understand the driver. The series also include the Concept-i RIDE and Concept-i WALK.

In addition to the four-wheel model Toyota Concept-i exhibited at the 2017 CES, a universal small mobility vehicle and a walking area mobility vehicle have been added to the Concept-i series. They are expected to be exhibited under the theme of “Let’s move the world from here. Beyond the Motor” at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight, from 25 October through 5 November.

The Toyota Concept-i series aims to become a “beloved car” of a new era guided by the concept of “more than a machine, a partner” to better understand the driver and grow together with the driver as an irreplaceable partner.

The core technology common to the Concept-i series is a technology that understands people (LEARN), applying AI to recognize emotions and estimate driver preferences. The technology that understands people (LEARN) and automated driving technology combine to lead the driver to safety and provide peace of mind (PROTECT).

In addition, by combining the technology with the agent technology, it will be possible to advance technology to the point that the driver’s feelings can be anticipated, leading to new Fun to Drive experiences (INSPIRE).

In order to provide new experiences and excitements to more people based on the idea of “freedom and pleasure of mobility for all,” a universal small mobility vehicle has been added to the Concept-i series so that anyone can have freedom of mobility, including wheelchair users and the elderly. Additionally, a pedestrian zone mobility vehicle has been added to the series to enable free movement in the same space as pedestrians.

The AI Agent, which understands people, is able to disengage and re-engage with the driver across the vehicles in the series, thereby supporting seamless mobility and being together with the driver to achieve safe and fun mobility.

Toyota plans to have the Concept-i on the road by around 2020 and conduct road tests of vehicles equipped with some of the concept car’s functions in the near future.






Toyota Concept-i specifications

Length / Width / Height (mm): 4,510 / 1,830 / 1,475
Wheelbase (mm): 2,700
Occupancy: 4 persons
Powertrain: EV
EV cruising range: Approximately 300 km

Toyota Concept-i RIDE specifications

Length / Width / Height (mm): 2,500 / 1,300 / 1,500
Wheelbase (mm): 1,800
Occupancy: 2 persons
Powertrain: EV
EV cruising range: Approximately 100-150 km

Concept-i WALK

Length / Width / Height (step height) (mm): 500-700 / 400 / 1,130 (140)
Turning radius (mm): Less than total length
Powertrain: EV
EV cruising range: Approximately 10-20 km

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