Toyota to debut five Concept vehicles and several attractive variants at the Tokyo Motor show

2013_Tokyo_Motor_Show_Toyota_Fuel_Cell_Vehicle_Concept Toyota Motor Corporation has announced its world debuts for the Tokyo Motor Show, which starts 20 November.

TMC will premiere five Concept vehicles which include the Toyota FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) Concept, Toyota FV2, Taxi Concept, and the Minivans; Voxy Concept and Noah Concept. Additionally, visitors at the motor show will have an opportunity to view the Toyota Aqua G Sports compact sports hybrid, Toyota i-Road (personal mobility) and the FT-86 Open Concept.

Toyota premieres five Concepts for Tokyo Motor show


We’ll begin with the FCV Concept, the first of the Toyota Concepts for the Tokyo Motor show. The four-seater Toyota FCV Concept has a length of 4,870mm, width at 1,810mm, height of 1,535mm and a wheelbase measuring 2,780mm.

The Toyota FCV Concept is a practical concept of the fuel cell vehicle. Initiated for 2015 roll-out, the FCV is deemed as a pioneer in the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The vehicle has a driving range of at least 500 km and refueling times as low as three minutes, roughly the same time as for a gasoline vehicle.

The Concept’s exterior design evokes two key characteristics of a fuel cell vehicle: the transformation of air into water as the system produces electricity, and the exemplary acceleration enabled by the electric drive motor. The bold front view features pronounced air intakes, while the sleek side view conveys the air-to-water transformation with its flowing-liquid door profile and wave-motif fuel cap. The theme carries to the rear view, which conveys a catamaran’s stern and the flow of water behind.

A lightweight FC stack (system) and two 70 MPa hydrogen tanks are put underneath the FCV Concept’s body to propel a power output density of 3kW/l or at least 100 kW. In addition, the FC system is equipped with Toyota’s high-efficiency boost converter. Increasing the voltage has made it possible to reduce the size of the motor and the number of fuel cells, leading to a smaller system offering enhanced performance at reduced cost; and when fully fueled, the FCV is said to be able to last more than a week.


Next up, the FV2; Toyota’s latest Fun-to-Drive vehicle for the future. This lil’ bundle of joy for one occupant has a relatively small length of 3 m, a width of 1.6 m, a height of less than a meter in sleep mode which extends up to 1.78m, as well as a somewhat large wheelbase of 2.36 m.

The FV2 is all about physical and emotional connections, rather than the usual driving methodology. This transporter is operated by the driver shifting his or her body to intuitively move the vehicle forward and back, left and right. In addition, by using intelligent transport system technology to connect with other vehicles in the area and traffic infrastructure, the Toyota FV2 helps enable safe driving by providing a wide variety of safety information, including advance warnings about vehicles in blind spots at intersections.

Toyota has created an exclusive smartphone application that enables users to experience the mobility of the future envisioned by the Toyota FV2. The recently released application can be downloaded free of charge through android or iPhone platforms. Also in conjunction with the FV2, Toyota has advocated the Toyota Heart Project and 1Technology initiatives.

2013_Tokyo_Motor_Show_Toyota_Voxy_Concept 2013_Tokyo_Toyota_Taxi Concept 2013_Tokyo_Motor_Show_Toyota_Noah_Concept

The Toyota Taxi and Minivan concepts all share one thing in common; they’re all meant for a comfort ride and fit 5 to 7 occupants of reasonable proportions. The JPN Taxi concept is a sort of public cab that fits 5 adults, while the Voxy and Noah concepts are the next-generation of the popular Toyota 7-seater: the Alphard or Vellfire.

Toyota Aqua G Sports Hybrid, GT-86 Open Concept and i-Road


Lastly, the GT-86, i-Road and Aqua G Sports are Toyota’s interpretation for driving exhilaration. The Aqua G Sports hybrid, tuned by GAZOO race drivers, is gifted a sleek and inspiring styling and offers fuel efficiency. Toyota expects the Aqua G Sports to roll out in late November, only for the Japanese market.

Edited: Toyota

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