Toyota goes Xtreme with customized concept models at SEMA

Toyota will bring up several customized highlights for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, including the Xtreme Corolla, Land Speed Cruiser, Prius G, Extreme Sienna and Tacoma TRD Pro Desert Racer. The Xtreme Corolla is conceived in partnership with Cartel Customs. Customization works has allowed the Corolla to transform from a 4-door sedan to a 2-door sports coupe. Even the interior has been retrofitted with a one-of-a-kind floating center console and an extensive JBL audio system.

2016 Toyota_xtreme_corolla interior 2016 Toyota Land Speed Cruiser SEMA

Next up, the Land Speed Cruiser is viewed as broad shouldered and confident. The vaunted Toyota Land Cruiser authored the rulebook for Sport Utility Vehicles. The Land Speed Cruiser is a low-slung, purpose-built sled of a vehicle capable of generating more than 2,000 hp and a top speed of 220 mph that leaves most sports cars in the dust. The build team surgically extracted the outer shell of a 2016 Land Cruiser. Beneath the surface of the Land Speed Cruiser lies the rugged durability of Toyota’s 3UR-FE 5.7-liter V8. A volleyball-sized Garrett turbocharger flanks each bank of cylinders and breathes directly through front inlets in the specially designed aerodynamic hood. The engine is linked to an ATI transmission.

2016 Toyota Prius G SEMA

With the Prius G, Toyota has managed to turn it from a fuel-efficient vehicle into a performance oriented car. Toyota and Beyond Marketing sought to challenge the notion that a hybrid vehicle can’t be fast or handle. Taking inspiration from the Japanese Prius GT300, the company built the Prius G to hold its own on the racetrack. The small but mighty Prius G pulled 0.99 g on the skid pad during testing at Willow Springs International Raceway, California.

2016 Toyota extreme_sienna

Toyota’s Extreme Sienna is the pinnacle of luxury transportation. It’s as close as you can get to a private jet without leaving the ground. To take the Sienna to the next level, Toyota and Real Time Automotive gave the Sienna a wide body, carbon fiber, dual exhaust, and the inspired sports car feel and look. Also known as the Swagger Wagon, this Sienna has the top-of-the-line entertainment home theater system, reclining seats with custom upholstery, a refrigerator, Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth speakers. The whole vehicle is controlled by an iPad, including the air ride system.

2016 Toyota Tacoma_trdpro_desert_racer

Lastly, the Tacoma TRD Pro Desert Racer lets you go places most other trucks would ordinarily see only on a map. Camburg Racing took the lead in building the intrepid Tacoma TRD Pro Desert Racer. Redefining capability, this robust build showcases its rugged durability. This will be put to the test when the Tacoma TRD Pro Desert Racer sets out to win its class in the famed Mint 400, “The Great American Off-Road Race,” March 1-5, right here in Las Vegas.

2016 Toyota 86-cs SEmA

The other Toyota highlight for SEMA is the 86 CS in Toyota’s racing heritage strips of a retro red and white design.

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